Ethics Policy - Animals

Where do you source your animal specimens from?
Whilst our animals come from all different places, we can assure you that nothing was killed with profit in mind. 

As you may have noticed, a lot of our the taxidermy pieces we have on offer are antiques. These pieces come to us through markets, deceased estates, donated, etc. Some are even from our personal collection. All pieces are hygienic and in better than decent condition considering some of their ages. Whilst we do not have a backstory for some of these pieces, we believe they are better in a home than in a dumpster somewhere unloved.  

Fur / Hides
Unless they are vintage pieces, our furs and hides are by-products of pest control and the meat industry. All of our African hides are imported with the proper paperwork issued by the KZN Wildlife in South Africa. 

Wet Specimens & Diaphonised Specimens 
Our wet specimens & diaphonised specimens are the newest additions to the oddities range on our website. These specimens are obtained through breeders, farmers or have been donated to us. Often breeders & farmers experience stillbirths or birthing complications and will discard of the animal once it has passed. Instead of this happening, we step in & choose to preserve the animal forever. We believe this gives the animal another life where it will be treasured for eternity. Another way we obtain animals is through pest control and pet food stores. We also work closely with local aquariums here in North Brisbane & receive all of their deceased fish.

Here are Oddity Bug Club, we have started processing our own bones. We collect fleshy bones from farmers and clean them up for our in house dermestid beetle colony. These beetles will eat away at the dried flesh and leave us with the bones. After that, we will whiten and degrease the bones as necessary. 
Our bones may also be obtained from farmers & these are what we call "paddock / nature cleaned".


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